Men 2022 Match Play Champ. 2022-01-18


Men 2022 Match Play Champ. for 2022-01-18

2022 Men's Match Play Championship

January 18 - April 10, 2022

Format: 18 Hole Match Play

All matches will be played off the lower handicap player in the match, in which that player will play at 0 and the higher handicap player will receive the difference in handicap.  Those strokes will be given as they fall on the scorecard.  Each players 6 month low index(handicap) will be used for the entire Match Play Championship.

*Green or White Tees. (Must have 50% or more of scores in the most recent scoring record to play White Tees).

*If a match is tied after 18 Holes, the match will continue, until a winner is determined.

*Single Elimination

*One Flight - Random Draw will be used to determine the Brackets and will be posted in the Golf Shop.

*The 2021 Men's Match Play Champion - Daniel Corcoran will be the #1 Seed

*64 players - The first 64 players to sign-up will be in the Match Play Championship.  Any additional players will be positioned on the wait list to get in the event.

SCHEDULE:     Round 1     January 18 - January 30

                      Round 2     February1 - February 13

                      Round 3     February 15 - February 27

                      Quarter Finals    March 1 - March 13

                      Semi Finals        March 15 - March 27

                      Finals                March 29 - April 10

All participants are responsible to schedule and play matches within the time frame given to complete their match.

NOTE - If a match has not been completed with the time frame given to complete each round, a coin toss by the Head Golf Professional will determine the winner.

All winnings will be given in Golf Shop Credit and will be determined by the amount of participants.

COST - $40.00 per player to be charged to the Members account.

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