Ladies Day 9 Holes NOV 22 Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Ladies Day 9 Holes NOV 22 for Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Postable (9 and 18 holes)

Golfers start with positive points and the goal is to reach the most points. Each golfer starts with points that match her handicap. If the handicap is 17, the golfer starts with 17 points. If the handicap is 36, the golfer starts with 36 points. This starting point total is the quota. So, the goal is to get from your starting quota to highest total points. Because your quota takes into account your handicap, points are awarded based on GROSS scores NOT NET. The points are added thusly:

Bogey - 1 point

Par - 2 Points

Birdie - 4 points

Eagle - 8 points

The winner of the Quota tournament is the golfer who finishes with the highest point total.

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