Ladies Day 18 Hole JAN 4 2022-01-04


Ladies Day 18 Hole JAN 4 for 2022-01-04

2 Lady No Scotch

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This will be a 2 person team event, choose your partner.

The team members tee off, then play their second strokes by each hitting their partners tee shot. Beginning with the third shot the 2 team members choose the best of their 2 balls and play one ball as a scramble until holed out. (Scramble is when everyone hits in the same location (within 1 club length), compare next shots and choose the best ball and continue until holed out).

One score is recorded for the 2 person team on each hole.

Team handicaps will combine 80% of player A and 20% of player B. No more than 7-stroke difference in the handicaps in the team. If there is a higher discrepency the handicap will be adjusted to 7 strokes higher than the lower.

This is a net competition.

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