Golf Mobility Movement Monday, May 22, 2023



Golf Mobility Movement for Monday, May 22, 2023

Get ready to:

  • Improve motor control by building muscle awareness
  • Learn to move properly and more efficiently 
  • Improve rotational mobility by using the Golf Forever Swing Trainer
  • Reduce risk of injury with safer stretching techniques
  • Identify muscle imbalances that cause muscle tightness
  • Decrease joint pain by strengthening muscles attached to the joints
  • Release tension in your muscle tissue caused by stress and poor movement patterns
  • Correct and improve postural imbalances
  • Understand root causes of pain and “lack of mobility” and how to avoid and/or heal these issues



What is included:

-          45-minute mobility class/workshop

-          Fabric Hip Band

-          Peanut (trigger point/stretch tool)

-          Trigger Point Ball

-          1 FREE mimosa following the class

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