The GOBBLER 2020 Saturday, November 21, 2020


The GOBBLER 2020 for Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Gobbler - Men's Event     Saturday, November 21   8:00 AM Shotgun

FORMAT:  2 Man Scramble (NET)

FLIGHTS:  Flights will be based on the Teams combined tournament handicap and 

                amount of participants.

TEES:  Green or White

TEAM HANDICAP:  35% of the lower handicap player plus 15% of the higher

                            handicap player rounded up.  Maximum differential in 

                            partners may not be greater than 10 strokes or higher

                            handicap player will be reduced.

TEAM SKINS:  Optional game - Team Skins will be Over The Field.

                      $20 Gross and $20 Net or $40 BOTH

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