2023 Ladies Member Member Sunday, January 8, 2023


2023 Ladies Member Member for Sunday, January 8, 2023

2023 Ladies Member-Member


Practice Round: 1:00pm Shotgun on Friday, January 6th with dinner to follow

                          Optional $20 per Team Two-Person Better Ball game

Round 1: Breakfast at 7:30am

               Shotgun at 8:30 am(Holes 1-9) Two-Person Scramble (Holes 10-18) Two-                 Person Shamble

               Lunch to follow the round

Round 2: Breakfast at 7:30am

               (Holes 1-9) Two-Person Better Ball (Holes 10-18) Two-Person Combined                   Score

               Lunch to follow the round

If at the end of the competition there is a tie for FLIGHT WINNERS, there will be a SUDDEN DEATH PLAYOFF starting on Hole #1. The format for the Playoff will be Net Combined Score.

Championship Playoff: Winners of each flight will tee off of #1 tee in a Combined Score format. The highest combined score will be eliminated on each hole until there is one team remaining. Handicap shots will be given as they appear on the scorecard.

Percentage of Handicap: Handicaps will be based on the 3 month low handicap index. Maximum differential in partners may not be greater than 10 strokes or higher handicap player will be reduced. Players will be granted 35% of the lower player's handicap and 15% of the higher player's handicap for the scramble. 85% of the team handicap for the shamble. 100% of the team's handicap for the better ball and combined score.

Tee: Black or Silver Tees

Flights: There will be 5 flights based on the team's combined handicap.

Day Money: $200 per team (cash) - This is an optional game which has a daily payout.

Skins: $20 per team Gross and Net Skins ($40 for both) over entire field. Payable in cash. 100% payout.

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